Founded in 2018 and based on three decades of strategic frontline higher education experience, Global Education Connections (GEC) is a bespoke coaching and advisory service for Education Business Leaders (EBL's) worldwide, that offers:


1) Project-based business review, transformation and monetisation services for EBL's looking to

- Go global or intra-regional
- Upscale
- Increase profit, overhaul or eliminate unprofitable divisions and services
- Find the "next big thing"


2) Consulting and coaching services for established as well as emerging EBL's, also BD managers and Senior Faculty or Operations Managers being reassigned or prepared to launch new programs or business services.


3) Annual, 2-day, invitation-only forum of Global Education Leaders (GELF) provides a unique environment and shark-free zone for decompression and exchange, with a trusted community of like-minded, growth-oriented and ethical EBL's, big-picture thinkers who prioritise student success over short-term gain. GELF runs 1 week after US Thanksgiving in the world's most inspirational outdoor settings, facilitating new business partnerships, lobbying for education policy development to accelerate international student mobility. No fees, no registration, no commercial brainwashing, just show up, share, and revitalise.

In addition to GELF, GEC provides access and advisement to EBL's for the creation of (online-f2f-blended) mindfulness and time management programs for themselves and time-challenged business unit managers.


4) Global Employment Connections: internship and employment opportunities for international students, EBL’s, teachers, administrators and agents, looking to broaden their horizons and enhance career and income opportunities across borders and continents.

Global Education Connections is the brainchild of Rupert Johnstone, a global education business facilitator who was raised and has lived and worked around the world, providing business transformation services to some of the world’s leading education brands, including

ELS Educational Services ELS Educational Services
LCI Education Network LCI Education Network
Laureate International Universities Laureate International U
Mulpha Education Group Mulpha Education Group
YBM Education YBM Education
ZE Holdings Inc ZE Holdings Inc




Headquartered in Los Angeles, California the International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) provides a new, student-oriented approach to English language proficiency assessment.

The iTEP exam suite is created by renowned global academics and delivered securely by leading technicians, on-demand on any computing or mobile device (with webcam) – anywhere, anytime.

Popular iTEP exams include:

In addition to providing English assessment tools, iTEP International collaborates with educational institutions, corporations, government departments and agencies, to reach their development goals, through understanding their students', employees' and citizens' current English language capabilities and future needs. Corporate and institutional clients include:


New Horizons Learning Centres of Australia is a leading training solutions provider, offering on-going growth and development to thousands of business and IT professionals across Australia.

At New Horizons, we provide our employees an environment where they can LEARN and EARN, and the chance to build a career through professional and personal development.

International students can choose between our Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Information Technology, plus Diploma of Project Management.

All qualifications come with embedded Microsoft, MS Dynamics, Cisco, Citrix and Java8 certification options.

Study at 1 or more of our comfortable, conveniently-located CBD campuses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.



Founded in 2016 by EdTech pioneer Carey Furze of New Zealand, Bookform was established to optimise the use of technology to help anyone, anywhere or any age create, collate and save their precious family information and amazing stories.

Bookform offers 3 main channels for creating a family book:

  • Schools: A powerful, continuous community-building activity for schools, students, staff and alumni (building Family Books)
  • Aged care: A value-add for businesses and cognitive activity for residents
  • Libraries: A community engagement tool to bring citizens to existing venues for a fun, productive activity

Early studies misleadingly showed that elderly people are hesitant to write about and share their life stories, mainly because it is time-consuming, but also because they think their family will not be interested.

Bookform recognises more extensive and recent research that these early perceptions are inaccurate, and that technology in fact makes it easy to create family stories; also that counter to initial perceptions, grandchildren seek as much information as available about their family ancestry as they grow older, especially in a modern format that can be easily saved, stored and shared.

Bookform: The Story of a Lifetime



Intrinsiq offers market-leading, customised Education Management Systems for the ELT
(English Language Training) sector.

  • Flexible: Works on any modern device, from an iPad to a PC. All you need is a connection to the internet.
  • Powerful: Bespoke to each customer, the information
  • Integrated: Connects with external services such as Accounting (Sage, Xero), Social Media (Twitter, Slack), Mobile (Email,SMS) Google Maps and Docs and much more

Clients including leading EFL providers in the UK, US and Australia, including Manchester Central School of English, Oxford International Education Group, RMIT English Worldwide and Sydney College of English.

The International Test of English Proficiency - English Assessments

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